Welding is the basic technology for joining metallic materials. It is difficult to imagine the economy of an industrialized country without welding, as it is of key importance for many industries.
The beginning of the development of welding and production of welding equipment in our country is connected with the creation of the PERUN Joint-Stock Company in 1910. PERUN was the first to organize the production of gas welding equipment and fittings related to the production and use of technical gases. The company introduced pioneering technologies, an example of which was the execution in 1929-1930 of the first in Europe welded building construction with a weight of 700 tons – the PKO building at Świętokrzyska St. in Warsaw. The first bridge in the world, welded on the Słudwia river near Łowicz, is also the first in the world – currently classified as “0” class monuments – made by “PERUN” welders.

Thanks to close cooperation with our clients and gathering deep knowledge about the welding equipment market, we have accumulated for over 100 years of our existence a wealth of experience and expertise, thanks to which we can offer a wide range of products and services that suit our clients. Technical services and specialists through continuous training and exchange of information retain the ability to quickly and effectively solve the problems posed to us by our clients. This allows you to maintain the leading position in the production of gas welding equipment.

For many years, the company has been cooperating with scientific and research centers, such as the Welding Institute in Gliwice and the Warsaw University of Technology. This cooperation results in the emergence of new technologies and products as well as modernization of existing ones and their adaptation to the latest global trends.